Danielle Distad- Went for the first time last week and bought 10 egg rolls! I bought ten right away because of the awesome reviews!

Lynn Bruski-  I can't say enough good things about the egg rolls other than I LOVE them. 

Melissa Ann-  Crunchy, non-greasy wraps, and very fresh tasting filling.

Song- There are  a variety of flavorable egg rolls. They are very delicious and addicting!


Tiffany Shum- So worth it!

Sujae- Quick and fresh! 

Robert Griffin- They are also the only egg rolls my 2 year old daughter will eat.

Mitch Junkers- Love the egg rolls! I was recommended by a family member and was not disappointed! I feel my chicken Mondays are going to be replaced with egg rolls! Service is exceptional and so friendly! Keep it up!

Lora Murtha- These are the style of egg rolls I want when I have an egg roll craving. Always made fresh and crispy.

Cynthia Garcia- Have heard many good things about sumo Eggrolls and decided to try them and see. I absolutely love them. Great taste and good value for the money. 

Patty Ruppert- Really enjoyed them...no doubt I will be back!

Bonita Balkenol- Delicious! Perfect flavors.

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