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Our Mission:

To provide youth with an employment opportunity and encourage them to explore, learn and grow through outdoor activities.

The Beginning: (2016)

Sumo Egg Rolls started in the summer of  2016 with just one egg roll on the menu, the original veggie egg roll. Today we have largest variety of egg roll choices on this planet. With over 14 different flavor egg rolls on our menu, there's enough flavor to satisfy everyone.

The Middle Part 1: (2021)

As of January 1st, 2021, Sumo Egg Rolls fully transitioned to a non profit organization. This transition all began when we decided to run a pilot youth program in the summer of 2020 (CHECK IT OUT), The program received so much love and support from the community. This idea that we can provide youth with a employment opportunity and take them on a journey of a life time sounds exciting. A new and exciting journey awaits. 

The Middle Part 2: (2022-2024)

Sumo Egg Rolls is currently looking for a space to run our youth program and business. 

The End:

When the youth are done with the programs, the goals are such that:

1) the youth had some work experiences

2) the outdoor activities helps them discover their own self interest(s)

3) they understand that building good work ethics are essential to building a good life

4) they learn how to work with others


Sumo Timeline

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