Sumo Egg Rolls has the largest variety of egg rolls choices on this planet. Right now, we have over 14 different flavor egg rolls in our menu (in summer season).  Oh Yes, there's enough flavor to satisfy everyone. We currently we have two Food Truck in operation. 


Sumo Egg Rolls is dedicated to serving authentic & delicious egg rolls.

Why our egg rolls are so DELICIOUS?

1) I believe the most important factor of why our egg rolls are so good is because we have the right recipe that is universal to many individuals around this part of town; the Twin-Cities and its surrounding areas.

2) The oil we use to cook our egg rolls are ONLY use to cook egg rolls, nothing else, therefore you get the whole experiences of what an egg roll should taste like.

3) Our egg rolls are cooked at the time of purchase which makes them fresh, hot, and crispy.

4) Sumo Egg Rolls is a multi-cultural loving truck. We respect all individuals no matter who they are or where they are from. This LOVE energy is transfer from us to you (the customer) through our delicious food. 

Come Enjoy! Come Experience! Just COME!

This video is one of my favorite. This was when we first started out with a trailer. Today, we have two trucks. Enjoy!

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